Software for Sailmakers

General description

PatchTool is a program designed for sailmakers. It is a tool to aid the sailmaker in the design and production of corner reinforcements, or "patches". PatchTool produces a file containing the perimeter description of the individual parts of the patch, or set of patches. This file can then be nested and plotted /cut in the same manner as sail panels. The file output can also be printed, allowing the patch gores to be cut by hand.

In PatchTool, you can define, and save patch definitions, called patch templates. Patch Templates use percentages, so, like sail-shape files, they can later be applied to sails of any size. You can edit these templates at any time. You can call up these templates and use them to design a set of patches for a specific sail, or you can design the new patches simply by entering new numerical data suitable for the sail in question.

PatchTool enables you to import sail data (sail perimeter dimensions and curvature, and corner angles) from a SmSw (Sailmaking Software) design, or to enter that data manually. Based on this data, you design patches for head, tack and clew, as well as reef patches for luff and leech.

PatchTool gives you close-up views of the patches, and the sail in question. Editing of the patch perimeters can be numerical or graphical. You are able to specify which patches are to be included in any file, which can be saved, and exported for nesting, either together with the appropriate sail panels, or separately.